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    How do I go back and change my level from immediate to beginner?  I think I better do that until I find out how this works.  Thanks

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    Support NewinBridge (Edited )

    The impact of entering " Intermediate"  in your profile is currently minimal.

    It gives NewInBridge information to be able to develop dedicated functionality in the future.

    Though there is one aspect in the app that addresses bridge skill level :
    uBasic  hands are targeted for beginners and are less complex that uStandard and uAdvanced hands.

    So nothing to worry about. 

    How it works? we think that the manual currently gives the basic answers, but please don't hesitate to ask further questions, 

    To understand how you make sure that you and your partner only get uBasic hands to bid please watch this video: 


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    Hoe kan ik gespeelde spellen deleten?

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